The First Rekkid:  Stereo Biplane

All set for street release in early 2010 - watch for further news!

Six years in the making, this album is a slow-simmered blend of flavors and perspectives, places and times.  We hope you enjoy it!

Cropduster Cover


The Tracks:

Love So Deep

Point Blank §

Wish Me Luck ¤

All About You

You Again §

Take it Like a Man

Uplink ¤

West on I-10 §

Make It ¤

10  One Salty Tear §

11  Won’t Stop Loving You

12  Cascades Run-off §

  †  (Steve Leigh) Leighsongs® (ASCAP),  §  (Getty) Ultimatunes® (BMI),  ¤  (David Baumert) Champ Dixie® (BMI)



 Getty — guitars,vocals,harps,horns

David Baumert — bass, guitars, vocals

Tim Osborne — drums, percussion

Steve Leigh — guitars, bass, vocals, keys, percussion


Special Guests

 Mike Klink — pedal steel 

 Michael Worona — keyboards

Jonathan Cluts — keyboards

Jay Kenney — keyboards


Dedicated to the memory of Mike Klink 1956 - 2007


Produced by Steve Leigh

Engineered by David Baumert

Recorded and Mixed at Cyclotron Studios, Sammamish, WA, USA

Mastered by Barry Corliss at Masterworks - Seattle, WA, USA

Cover Photo: Wesley Hitt / Alamy

Band Photo:  Kim Logan

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