Take It Like A Man

by Steve Leigh

From the album:  Stereo Biplane

The Story:

A stab at a real country song.  Sometimes it takes a while to really grow up.  And usually it's not as easy as you think it's going to be.  Ironically, I wrote this three years before my first kid, and later, went through some of the same feelings I only imagined at the time.

Studio Players:

Getty—lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals

David Baumert—bass

Tim Osborne—drums

Steve Leigh—lead vocals, rhythm guitars

Mike Klinkpedal steel


The boy is getting older

The girl she keeps telling him to settle down

No one's getting younger

Long ago the friends outgrew the run-around


It's high time he left that kid behind

Take his woman, bring her closer to his side

And take it like a man


He drops a few more dollars

The man behind the bar brings him another round

Even though the wife is home

Crying all alone, he doesn't hear the sound


When they took his job, they took his pride

But a bottle won't give him the kind of

strength he needs to find

To take it like a man

Take it like a man


The boy is getting older

Still he can't believe that he's become a dad

And even though he loves the kid

Sometimes at night he thinks about the freedom he had


But his family they count on his love and care

So he rolls over falls asleep,

and in the morning he'll be there

To take it like a man


So being a man, taking that stand

Is just a little bit harder, than you ever planned

But there comes a day, when you look at your life and say

Just like my father, I'll do what I can

To take it like a man


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