Wish Me Luck

by David Baumert

From the album:  Stereo Biplane

A live performance:

The Story:

I must admit it's taken a long time for me to appreciate my country and western roots.  The fact that this song even exists represents an awakening and acknowledgement of something that I've always carried around but pretty much ignored.  But, like the cowboy trying to ease into a new situation, I needed to mix in a little of my current digital reality to make it work.  I like to think this is a western song, not a country song.  No chorus, just a few stanzas telling a timeless tale of making a commitment in a moment of passion and pulling together the courage to see it through.  --dB

Studio Players:

Getty—lead and rhythm guitars

David Baumert—rhythm guitar, lead vocals

Tim Osborne—drums and percussion

Steve Leigh—bass, baritone guitar, keyboards


I saddled up and hitched ‘er tight

rode on down the creek onto the highway

into town and that old saloon

I knew I might be courtin' doom, I might be

In there’s a girl I met on-line

and from her pictures she was fine

got to steel my nerve

and lean into this curve

She said she was from south New York

and couldn't stand the life that she was leading

A well of passion running dry

we made love in a chat room 'til we cried

Well I betcha' know what happens next

went and got a phone with mail and text

and I can't put her down

no, I can't hang her up

Reckon now my home out on the range

is going to undergo a change

but a woman’s touch

couldn’t hurt me much

We sealed the deal, she hopped a plane

and touched down still two hundred miles away

She caught a bus then thumbed a ride

and wound up where she's sittin' there inside

better get some whiskey on my breath

this filly’s got me scared to death

Damn it, here I go!

...better wish me luck

è © 2009 Champ Dixie (BMI); all rights reserved

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