Sparkfarmer makes full-flavor music.  Borrowing and blending from here and there, they serve a dance-able dish that's hard to pin down, but always easy to recognize.

Rooted in the Cascade foothills, the band is a Pacific Northwest take on rock and roll, country and western, reggae roots and psychedelic pop simmering down in a pot of violent jambalaya.  Live shows are a mixture of original compositions, improvisational interludes, and an eccentric selection of crowd-pleasing covers.

Nearing completion of their debut album, Sparkfarmer is now available for showcase events, selected benefits, and as support for touring acts.

Full production management and staging is optional.  

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The Story:

Sparkfarmer came to be in the spring of 2003 on a sheep farm near the town of Carnation, Washington USA.  Louisiana-born Getty met mostly-Idahoan Dave in the late '90's playing together with Seattle rockers The Dailys.  New Englander Tim was attracting attention at joint gigs as the kick-butt drummer of power-trio Hello Goodbye.  Washington native Steve was an LA audio ace working undercover recording and mixing in Seattle studios.   

When a line-up shuffle left a drum seat vacant in Getty and Dave's band, Tim got the first call to come jam. That night he joined up.  Meanwhile, Steve was often seen at various social functions and campfire jams and happened to do a little singing and writing himself. 

When a further shuffle left Getty, Dave and Tim looking for an extra leg, it seemed logical to give Steve a call and see if the four fellows might make a complimentary combination.  One jam quickly revealed an interesting mix of musical perspective and background, capable of driving in any direction. 

Maybe it's their collective love of intelligent lyrics, melodies and harmonies, or perhaps it's their fondness for some Fab dudes from a few years back that makes it all click but one thing is for sure; you can feel the respect for each other and the joy of playing together with every note.

Sparkfarmer is currently working on their second record -- now in tracking sessions -- and look forward to seeing and playing for all of you in the future!


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