Out of the swamps of south Louisiana and into your speakers comes Getty.  Fluent on the guitar, harmonica, sax and frisbee Getty is a veteran of several musical groups ranging from hardcore punk rock to gutbucket blues, but he brings one underlying theme along for the ride: the sticky, sweaty, greasy, groovalicious stylings of the cypress lands merged with a Nashvegas bent.  It's the roux that makes the gumbo, chere, and here it is coming at you right at the flash point.   Getty resides on a sheep farm in rural King County east of Seattle with his wife Diane.  They have many critters on the ranch including dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, horses and weasels.  Getty also appreciates snowboarding deep powder, mountain biking, long walks up steep grades and riding his John Deere around in circles.

Don't believe it?  Check out the video.



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